FEND Securities Expert Witness
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Mason Alan Dinehart III Arbitrator - FEND Securities Expert Witness



With all securities licenses active, and having a present compliance position with a FINRA broker dealer along with being a FINRA Arbitrator, MY SERVICES INCLUDE:


     Consulting Securities Expert Witness in both Court and Arbitration


     Securities Arbitration/Litigation Case Review and Evaluation


     Thorough Analysis of Due Diligence Performed on Products sold


     Evaluation of Portfolio Risk Factors (Scorecard Analysis)


     Assessment of Sales Practices Utilized (Standards of Care)


     Analysis of Supervision Performed (R.R.’s and RIA’s)


     Discovery Review and Recommendations


     Forensic Accounting Reports


     Specialized Analysis (Concentration – Modern Portfolio Theory)


     High Impact Demonstrative Exhibits


     Damage Calculations Utilizing Well Managed Account Theory


     Persuasive Expert Testimony Before All Triers of Fact



RESULT = 90% Case Track Record.

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